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Custom Designs

Our job in the haunted attraction industry is to create a sense of fear, uneasiness, tension, anxiety, and a desire for flight. Nothing can set the mood better than dropping your guests in a space that can cause them to forget they are in a mere attraction and for a moment let them believe they are actually in a morgue, a sewer, or a torture chamber. This is no easy feat indeed. Unlike our counterparts in the movie industry our guests are not limited to certain viewing angles and overlaid digital effect. They are actually in the space. Texture, depth, weight, and relief become huge factors in the suspension. Through years of experience we have developed thousands of techniques to express exactly this idea. Our designers and fabricators are capable of taking your idea and turning into a dimensional reality. Be it an entire attraction or a simple room. Our sets can extend your story telling to new levels and give your guests a truly unique and memorable experience. Click an image to enlarge it.