319 Butterworth St.
Jefferson, LA 70121

For years we have operated under the radar, producing some of the most awe inspiring scenes and effects in the industry. We have learned the hard way the unique ins and outs of a very demanding industry. Our main goal is to offer you the highest quality products at prices befitting the haunt industry. We are not a fly by night company looking to make a quick buck. This is the industry we love and have poured our heart and souls into. We have entered into this venture because these are the products we have always wanted to buy but could never find. So we offer our catalog to you and hope that you can find something that can take your haunt to the next level.

Who are we? We are a group of diverse individuals with talents that span the gamut of theatrical production. To our credit we have produced articles for some of the top music acts in the world, for trade shows and conventions, and even have had a hand in Mardi Gras. Our scenic department is made up of the finest designers with an eye for detail rarely seen. Our Art department has one of the most talented individuals in the industry who has a gift for being able to build what he can dream, and thankfully he has some disturbing dreams. He was even born on Halloween. Our technical department wizard is able to make computers do things they were never intended for. The fusion of current gaming technology with the haunt industry is a huge step forward. And we are very excited to see where it will take us next.

We are here to stay and want to make a statement to this industry that we are the best at what we do. We are just getting warmed up, if the sky is the limit then we are taking this one to the moon.

We also understand the frustration so many of you have felt with the lack of customer service in this industry. Believe us we have dealt with it too. We will never become a company that does not strive for 100 percent satisfaction from every customer we have. If it is not right we will fix it, if you do not like it we will work on it until you like it. We will get it to you before you need it so that you don not have to scramble at the last minute. We want to be everything you have wanted and needed out of a company.

We are the design team responsible for The House of Shock for the past six years. If you are looking for a testament to the quality of our character then the owners of The House of Shock will attest to our devotion to our clients and the industry as a whole. If you are looking for a larger selection concerning the quality of our work then the breadth of what we have done at The House of Shock should speak for itself.

Our Designs

At our core is our ability to dream and create. We pride ourselves on our ability to take your inspiration and turn it into a dimensional space where nightmares are born. It takes a unique talent to produce areas and pieces that can cause your guests to suspend disbelief and become engrossed in an idea. That is precisely what we do, and we have perfected the art over many years.
Whether it is working with our design crew to create a custom area for your attraction, or using one of our stock pieces to augment an existing area, our talented team can bring your attraction to a level where your guests will forget their worldly ties and fall into a nightmare.